Prorevi Auditing S.r.l. is an Audit firm with more than thirty years experience in the Italian market. It has chosen to embed the Anglo-Saxon approach in its business organisation and working practices.

Our mission is to collaborate with the professional firms in order to provide with independent expert opinion on the accuracy of the financial and business records of their client companies.

This approach reflects the best practices acquired by our partners through years of experience.
Our organisation is made up of 15 professionals and 4 partners. All the professionals hold degrees in the areas of economics and law, and keep themselves constantly up to date.
Most of them have been admitted to practise as tax consultants and accountants in Italy.
The experience accumulated by our team makes us more flexible and more streamlined as an organisation. It also makes us quick to respond to the needs of the professional companies and their clients, and helps us understand, as auditors, the specific issues and caratterisics of a business.


The goals that Prorevi Auditing proposes in terms of positioning, recognition and connotation are

  • satisfy clients by providing quality, high professional standards, efficiency and swift solutions;
  • solve specific problems and implement existing accounting and management processes.


Our true assets are the personal and professional qualities of our collaborators, for this reason they fully share the values that guide our every work.

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Prorevi Auditing S.r.l. has set up a system of independence directives and procedures in order to guarantee that the audit activity is carried out in compliance with the applicable professional requirements.

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We anticipate trends and market needs

We put the updating and anticipation of new trends and needs of companies in the heart of our approach. We believe in out-of- the-box thinking to keep up with market expectations.

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A lean and efficient structure to ensure speed and quality

Our expertise is at the service of a streamlined organisation that has adopted efficient processes to enable us to meet the requirements of our clients quickly, while still offering the highest quality of service.

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Your success is our success

The client always comes first! We gauge our success by the success of our clients. We put all our experience, commitment and passion into offering professional services with high added value.

Prorevi Auditing is on the Public Register of auditors kept by the Italian Ministry of Finance and mainly conducts auditing-related activities in compliance with legislative decree no.39/2010.
Prorevi Auditing is a member of “Assirevi” – the Italian Association of Auditors – www.assirevi.it

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