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The personal and professional qualities of our staff make us what we are. That is why they fully share the values that inform what we do and how we approach clients.

The stimulating environment in our firm makes the professional expertise of our staff, together with their professional training – both on the job and in house – a true resource.

Professional career progression within the firm is clearly structured and takes account of individual merits and personal skills, and can be summed up as follows:


Junior: assists in drafting sections of financial statements under the coordination of a Senior;

Audit Senior: is in charge of coordinating an audit team; is actively involved in the audit process, identifying issues that arise and solving them on the basis of company policy;

Manager: is operationally in charge of an audit, coordinates staff and manages the audit process on the basis of the strategy agreed by manager and partner;

Partner: reviews an audit in specific lines of business, liaises with clients and plans the audit strategy with the team.


Applicants must have a degree in one of the following subjects:

  • Economics and Business
  • Business Administration

A good knowledge of written and spoken English is also required.

Successful candidates will be called for an interview to evaluate their personal aptitudes, technical knowledge and ambitions.
Applications may only be submitted using the online form.






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    You have a degree in economics and business

    You have a degree in business administration

    You have a good knowledge of written and spoken English

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